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Asian Sponge Cakes

 Regular Flavors available in classic Taiwanese white, pandan, ube, strawberry, chocolate, lychee, mango, and coconut. 
Signature Flavors available in Japanese Strawberry Shortcake, Very Berry, Chocolate Biscoff, Lemon Filled, and Mango-Mango.
Japanese Cotton Cheesecake


Round Cakes

4 inch Bento
6 inch
8 inch
10 inch
12 inch
14 inch

Rectangle Cakes

9 inch square 
1/4 sheet
1/2 sheet 


1/2 dozen (6 count)
dozen (12 count)

Asian Style Macarons 

Flavors available in strawberry, oero, lemon, raspberry, biscoff, chocolate dip, chocolate peanut butter crunch, birthday cake, lemon blueberry, blueberry, ube, and tiramisu. 
1/2 dozen (6 count)
dozen (12 count)

Korean Bbangs (cake tacos)

Flavors available in strawberry, Oreo, pandan, lychee and ube, 
1/2 dozen (6 count)
dozen (12 count)

Fruit Tarts

Flavors available in mixed fruits, lemon curd, and mixed berries
8 inch tart 
1/2 dozen mini tarts (6 count)
dozen mini tarts (12 count)

Crepe Cakes

Flavors available in chocolate, tiramisu, mango, ube, pandan, strawberry, raspberry, and classic butter. 
9 inch round 

Prices may vary depending on flavor and customization. Please call to place an order and get a quote. Place orders 3-5 days in advance. For large orders and wedding cakes, please place 2 weeks in advance. (918) 307-8376

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